• Charles Dickens
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    Category: Biography

    Charles Dickens

    Faith, Angels and the Poor

    Charles Dickens was a great storyteller whose influence extended beyond the usual reach of a novelist. Journalist, commentator, historian, and the social conscience of a nation, Dickens possessed the rare ability of engagingly documenting the realities of life, and his novels have both challenged and entertained readers for nearly two hundred years.

    But what of Dickens's own beliefs? And how did those beliefs affect his extensive writing?

    Keith Hooper explores how Charles Dickens tried through his work to change the hearts of his readers. By considering the nature and development of Dickens's faith, and the means by which it was expressed, we gain valuable insight into his literary work. Many books have been written on Charles Dickens, but this unique contribution seeks to understand what his faith meant to him, how it was reflected in his writings, and how he struggled with the church of his day.