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Questioning Evangelism
Engaging People's Hearts the Way Jesus Did
Author: Randy Newman

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A much-needed look at sharing Christ with unbelievers, based not on the techniques of guerrilla hard-sell tactics, but on engaging questions and caring interaction. Filled with humor and stories, this book provides a challenging yet encouraging look at evangelism in our world today. This volume argues that asking questions and starting meaningful conversations is a far better method for sharing faith than prepared lectures or statements. It gives advice on what people need to hear in response to the world around them.

  • Author was raised Jewish and has a unique, rabbinical outlook on evangelism
  • Encouraging and useful
  • Easy-to-read, conversational style
  • Study guide at the end to aid in teaching and discussion

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Review By: Barry Cooper,   The Briefing - April 1, 2007
So many evangelistic techniques are concerned with what to say. We rarely consider what to ask. That's what makes this book essential reading. Questioning Evangelism is the most insightful, illuminating and heartening book I've read on the subject in the last ten years. If you find yourself getting discouraged by your evangelistic efforts, get a copy as soon as you can, and then read it on a public transportation system near you.
Review By: William E. Brown,   Faith & Mission - July 1, 2006
"In an age where evangelistic programs are as numerous as declining churches, it is refreshing to find a text that does not propose another memorized Gospel presentation. Newman states, "The goal of Questioning Evangelism is to help people know how to think about an issue more than what to think." Newman's "better way" involves answering questions with questions; not for the sake of evasion but to allow the non-Christian to discover the underlying issue. Newman states, "At times (far too many, I'm afraid), I've answered questions with biblically accurate, logically sound, epistemologically watertight answers, only to see questioners shrug their shoulders. My answers, it seemed, only further confirmed their opinion that Christians are simpletons."
Review By: Charles Halton, - August 1, 2006
"Fuller's method is the best there is. He combines reading a chapter, watching someone explain the concept on DVD, and physically doing exercises out of a workbook (or on a whiteboard in a classroom). If you want to learn Hebrew and your don't have access to a schoolóbuy the book, workbook, DVDs and get studying. If you're teaching a class, integrate this into your semester, your students will thank you. You might ask how I know this works. Well, I was one of Fuller's students and now I'm doing a PhD in Semitic languages so it must have worked for me. (P.S. And no, he hasn't paid me to say these things. I say it because I want to help you learn Hebrew and/or be the best teacher possible.)"
Review [customer review] - March 13, 2006
"I read this book over vacation, and ended up highlighting and underlining the heck out of it! Not only does it aid you in answering the questions that some use to stump Christians and shut them up, it helps you discover different ways of relating the Gospel to the unchurched who are genuinely interested, but lacking the most basic understanding of what Christianity is about."
Review   Church Libraries - November 1, 2004
Questioning Evangelism would be a definite asset to any church library.î
Review   Faith in the Workplace - January 25, 2005
A revolutionary look at sharing Christ with unbelievers by using Jesus' penetrating method of question asking to engage others in personal dialogue and life-changing interaction.
Review By: William M. Easum,   Resource Shelf - January 2, 2005
"Viewed from the evangelical perspective, this book borders on the profound. Viewed from any perspective, Newman brings a new meaning to the word evangelism. With huge amounts of compassion, Newman brings apologetics into evangelism and provides practical examples of how to evangelize by asking questions rather than giving answers. An excellent book for folks who want to communicate with their non-Christian friends without being a bigot."
Review   CBA Marketplace - June 3, 2004
Readers will find this intelligent, user-friendly manual for saving lost souls convincing, challenging, and inspiring.

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